Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Stones, beads...

Supermoon! Huge excitement around the world :) I tried to take good photo for 2 night in row, unfortunately one of them was very cloudy and yesterday I realized my phone and my camera are not good enough for taking professional looking night photos.

Pic taken with my phone :)

I'm still bit lazy with wire wrapping, hmmm maybe I just don't have stones or beads which give me this: 'wow! this one will look great like that!' factor, if you know what I'm trying to say here.

Sometime ago I found rather rough piece of amethyst in kind of arrow shape and was thinking very hard how to wrapped it to make pendant. Result of this below:

I think I like working with stones more then with beads. Possibly because their irregularity pushing me to think, how to reach result I want. 

This stone I found on the local beach during Summer, I like it cause is in the same time smooth and bit rough, and seems to contain two different 'rocks/minerals' in it.

Here little heart with amethyst beads I made yesterday. I think I'm good with making heart shaped pendants :)

I have really hard thinking about gifts for my Sneaky Santa partner - working on something special, hope that will be nice surprise...

Till next post friends!


  1. Very nice Monika and I am sure your sneaky santa is going to love what ever you do!!

  2. Thanks Theresa 😊. I hope so 😊.