Thursday, 13 October 2016

Where's my crafty mojo??


I'm not writing much lately... also not making too much jewellery lately...

Three weeks past since my last post... fact we have bathroom redecoration in progress, so that taking a bit of my time... Trying to update my CV - need new covering letter etc. Even haven't enough time for proper reading... Time is just flying...

Since last post I made few bits, some even nice looking - some of them catch likes on Instagram from Brasil and Japan :)

So... here's the stuff:

Reddish leaf shaped pendant - Mother of Pearl, I think.

Another blue porcelain bead :)

Mix of soft copper and half-hard silver plated (?) wire - I bought this wires ages ago and I think it is silver-plated. Bead added is amethyst.

More mixing :) Glass beads here.

Beads as above - swirls on silver-plated chain - bracelet

Little weaved swirl with seed beads and bicone bead.

Another wire mix with amethyst - not perfectly heart shaped :)

Hope my wire weaving mojo will back soon and I'll try something new :) That's all for today friend! Till next post!


  1. These are great, Monika -- I especially like the leaf-shaped one at the top!

  2. Thank you Theresa and Matthew 😊

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