Saturday, 10 September 2016

September... times flies!

OMG! How it is possible that I didn't write for soooo long?

Fact, my 4yo boy starts big boys school, so lots of preparing...

Fact, I needed more wire, bought it and received it yesterday :)

Fact, I'm bit nervous about cardmaking competition I send my cards on - right, if I didn't mention this in here, I'm also making greeting cards :) Some of them you can find on my other blog:

Because I was bit short of wire I didn't make much lately, but that not means I did nothing :)

Little pendant with turquoise blue bead

Crazy swirls with glass bead (green-purple)

Meanwhile I was making Christmas cards - customer order, and pair of chainmaille earrings with owls to match wrapping bracelet I had for sale in my etsy shop - cards and completed set already sold :)

Yesterday I received my new wire and made this pendant:

I used amethyst beads I found ages ago in charity shop (I checked them in jeweller shop and beads were confirmed to be proper amethyst ). 

I really like wireweaving, cause this technique giving me a chance to experiment and pieces I'm making can be small or big, round or not, with lots of swirls or just few and I can change my mind in any moment regards final look of piece I'm making. 


  1. Beautiful pieces as always, Monika! I think one of these is what I also noticed on Instagram?

  2. Great pieces Monika!! You go girl.....

  3. Thanks Matthew and Theresa๐Ÿ˜Š. If I'm not wrong at least two of them I showed on Instagram Matthew ๐Ÿ˜Š.