Sunday, 7 August 2016

Practicing, practicing :)

Practice makes perfect - people says... True!

So I'm trying my best to practicing as much as it's possible :)

Wire weaving is not easy, specially when wire don't want cooperate...

Copper is very easy to deal with, doesn't matter soft or half-hard, brass wire is totally different story... I have 0.6 mm half-hard - for sure not good for weaving, but ok for some kinds of framing if I can called it that way :). Not easy for making coils, but when you make coil - keeps shape perfectly :).

Copper and brass with green marbled glass bead - pendant

Purple marbled beads in copper/brass hearts :) You can find them here:

Single blue seed bead and swirls - pendant - made today morning :)

Really need more chain or suede for my pendants and more ear wires :) So many ideas is still sitting in my head :) Sorry if I'm not grammatical ;)