Saturday, 13 August 2016

Latest make

I'm bad... honestly... Didn't write here since week... but also didn't make much jewellery wise..

I was more concentrated on card making lately - competition and believe it or not - Christmas coming :).

Hope my new cards will make better impression on competition jury then last year :)

I bought extra ear wires and some chain last week, but decided that chain will be good for bracelets and big, heavy looking pendants. It's really hard to find chain I used earlier... from some strange reason all delicate chains (eg. rolo 1.5 x 2 mm) are in silver, gold and bronze tone. Hmmm what with copper?! Maybe I should place my already made pendants on ribbons or suede cord... Need to think about it.

Yesterday I had bit clearer head and little bit of time before our next trip with little one and I decided to play with greek key design I saw ages ago in one of books.

Bracelet turns out nice - bit too big for me, but.... I have small wrist :) and I'm not making stuff only for myself :).
Hope this week I'll find some time for making something new again :)