Sunday, 21 August 2016

Half-hard or soft wire?

Good question :)

From my practicing I can say: half-hard for learning and later on for frames, soft for trying, experimenting and enjoying of making beautiful pieces :)


Last week I bought soft wire, but when waiting for it, I was still playing with the rest of half-hard I had.


Single green-purple bead in triangle shaped frame - pendant

Free-form green-purple earrings

Triangle shaped pendant with 2 green-purple beads.

Yesterday I received my wire and almost straight away I took it in my hands to make something. What do you think about pendants I made so far?

Swirly with creamy glass pearl

Blue crackle beads and porcelain grey bead combo

Light pink beach stone

Purple marbled glass bead and purple glass bead combo.

Pendants are not massive, just around 2.5 cm - the smallest and about 4 cm the biggest, but that's good size for start I think :)


  1. Such talent - either type of wire :D

  2. Beautiful, Monika! I love all those examples with the wire wrapped around and around!