Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Geometry and... sweeteaters :)

Hmmm... geometry is inspirational for jewellery making people, that's what I'm sure of, cause even if I don't like maths - squares, triangles and circles are used in every piece I saw or made by myself :)

Even with limited time I'm trying to play with wires and practicing geometric shapes is good fun, cause you never know with what you really finish :)

Diamond like shape pendant with orange-red marbled glass bead

Crazy triangle shaped pendant with green-bluish glass beads dangles

'Square snail' set with green glass pearl:)

Plus some deserts somewhere between my 'wire playing' moments :)

Coconut and peach trifle with lots of choco drops :)

Choco cake with plums and redcurrants and chocolate topping :)

Our little family is totally addicted with chocolate :) Any kind :)


  1. Love the new shapes of your jewelry and oh my chocolate love it!!