Friday, 29 July 2016

Playing with shapes - leaves.

Cannot say I had lots of time to play with wires...

My little boy caught tummy bug - poor soul... He's fine now :)

Honestly - I'm totally addicted with blue colour :)

I think on Monday or Tuesday I was sitting during the evening and playing with leaf like shapes.

Elegant, simple, but I prefer this one when hammered.

Irregular with lots of blue seed beads - 'Raindrops' :)

Just little leaf :)

Today, when my two guys played with each other I had a bit of time for myself. I decided to practice wire weaving again. 
Result below:

Blue seed beads again :)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Not only hearts :)

I should write this post yesterday - that was my plan... but upset tummy of my little one was much more important. At the moment I should be in bed to add extra few hours sleep to not look like a zombie, but I'm trying to be sure my son is definitely ok.

During the week I was catching minutes to play with wires. Also bought 0.4 mm soft wire to practice wire weaving :).

I was in mood for hearts as you can see :)

Copper looks really good with these cute marbled red beads :)

More red :)

Little heart pendant.

Blue, hammered leaf.

Free form pendant - wire weaving :) plus some seed beads :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Lovely copper

Ah... I need more time to play with wires...
Unfortunately Dom's starting Summer holiday on Thursday, so I'll be busy entertaining my little boy :)

I should start making cards for Cardmaker competition - maybe next week.. This week I made card for 17 yo dancer (her Mum asked me for special card) and Namesday card for my Mum (sent it today and keeping my fingers crossed card reached my Mum on time).

Meantime I was trying to make something wire-wise. Half-hard wire is not good choice when trying to make pendant with bit of wire weaving but I still didn't bought soft wire , so my fault and I shouldn't complain :)
I spent some time on this pendant - result? Here you go:

Not perfect, rather huge - around 8.5 cm :)
Maybe one day I make better looking stuff, but practice makes perfect, so I'm practicing :)

Today I caught a bit of time and made this little bracelet - idea from necklace I saw in book (necklace parts was in 2 colours and had coils on each end).

I even made proper clasp :) I'll keep this one for myself :) I love how its turned out :)

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Crafty or not?

This week wasn't too crafty wire wrapping wise - that is fact. I made just one thing.

Pair of ear sweeps with dangly addition.

Yesterday I was busy card making. Dom, my little boy, was invited for his school friend birthday party. day earlier I received my crafty magazine with beautiful paper pack and I decided to use it. I made 3 cards and Dom choose this one:

Today we decided to use nice weather for little trip :) We went to Cullercoast for their RNLI Harbour Day

Beach was packed with kids and adults having great day :)

We also spent some time in Tynemouth Castle & Priory - English Heritage site.

I hope I'll have more time for crafting next week :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Non pierced - ear sweeps!

Girl I met last week makes me back to Pinterest and some stuff I found there few weeks ago.
She was nice to complemented earrings I had that day - one of my 'diamond' shaped pieces.

She said she loves earrings but cannot wear them cause she's non-pierced - she's afraid of needles a bit. I remember then that I saw solution for this 'little problem' one day when searching for ideas on Pinterest.

I checked my Pinterest boards when back home and I found what I saw and save before :)

The idea - Ear Sweep!

These pieces can be simple or more complicated - depend from maker or person who wants to have something like this :)

I had a bit of time today morning, so... I decided to give a try :)

Simple, basic ear sweep below

More complicated one? Here:

Ear sweeps can have dangles, can be more swirly or have elf ear shape with lots of additional decorations. Want to see some? Check 'ear sweep' on pinterest! 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Geometry or free form?

That's the question... I like both ways in wired jewellery and just cannot decide which style is more 'mine' :)

Again I was playing a bit with wires and beads and chips. Here results:

Marbled glass bead and free form swirl

Mother of Pearl cubes placed in diamond shaped frame

Aventurine in diamond shaped frame.

In my own opinion 'diamond' shaped pieces look elegant and simple. What do you think?

Friday, 8 July 2016

Little bit of crafting :)

I'm so eager to learn more about wired jewellery that I'm catching every possible minute to make something :)

Two days ago I was using wires I have to try wire weaving - result: not bad, but....
I need to buy finer wire, cause this I used is too thick and not flexible enough.

Not bad at all for first 'wire weaving' pendant don't you think? :)

Bit more coils and hammering - also 2 days ago :)

This pair I made yesterday morning for myself and wear it for little trip to Newcastle with my little boy. When we were on Quayside near Millennium Bridge we met nice girl working for Amnesty International who complemented my new jewellery piece :)

These two will become earrings when I add ear wires to them ( today morning makes :) ).

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Bit of geometry

Shame... didn't have much time for practicing lately...

We were changing our flooring.. Carpets gone - panels welcome! So all my crafty stuff was allover the house :)

Plus I was waiting for new wire to come.

So all I manage to do in terms of wire wrapping was check some more designs I saw in book.

Geometrical I can say :)

Hearts - again, but bit different then before. I'm planning to make earrings with this one.

I'm also thinking about bracelet with 2 different sizes of hearts, that could be a nice looking piece :)

Other piece I tried was square design called Greek Key - great for bracelets and earrings :)

Will play with it for sure, maybe I'll even try to make triangles in similar way :)

I was also searching through net info and tutorials about wire weaving - found huge amount of things about it and now need lots of time to read it, watch it and hopefully learn it :)

Friday, 1 July 2016

More hammering :)

I didn't have too much time for crafting lately...

Also as I mentioned before, I'm bit running out of wire :), bought more yesterday and waiting for delivery :)

I decided to practice hammering a bit more, and first I hammered a bit my heart pendants - looks good after :)

Yesterday I cut few pieces of wire and tried to make oriental looking pendant I saw in the book.

Some pieces before hammering

Some pieces after hammering

Ready to being connect

Pendant - option 1

Pendant - option 2

I can use them for earrings too :) Very clever and easy to make pieces for very elegant looking jewellery. I think I'll make earrings this way, but cut shorter bits of wire for them :)

Sorry for so short post this time, will try write more next time.