Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Coiling is one of wire wrapping techniques used in jewellery making. On the net you can find lots of info about it.

Why I'm writing about it?

Simple :) Because I decided to try it :)

Fact, I'm still waiting for my copper wire, but that's not mean I have no wire at home :)
Yesterday I realized that actually I should have somewhere in my stash bit of wire I bought ages ago when I was starting my adventure with jewellery making - I was bit crazy then, I was buying lots of things and never used some of them :).
I couldn't find silver-plated wire I remember I have, but I found aluminium wire in beautiful blue colour :) Very soft stuff, but perfect for practicing coils :)

1st attempt :)

2 attempt :)

Possibly I need different pliers - nylon jaws or something :) to avoid scratching off the colour from wire.

First try with creating Egyptian links :) Lots of scratches :)

And whole bracelet - not scratched :)

Fact - I need to make new clasp, cause this one not looks good, but...

keeping bracelet on my hand nicely :)

If you want to know how to make bracelet like this, here link to tutorial I saw about 2 years ago:

Also found this very interesting article about coiling with nice video tutorials:

That's all for today! So... till next post ;)


  1. Monika those are lovely and I know you will figure out how not to scratch off the colors.

  2. Very pretty Monika. I like the color of these.

  3. Will try my best Ladies :) Thank you!