Monday, 30 May 2016


Yeah, time to start with my quest :)

What quest? -  you ask.

Few good years ago, I decided to make my first piece of jewellery. Since that time I made a lot, but...

All seems to be rather simple pieces...

I know most of people love silver or gold, but to be honest with you gold never was my fave, with silver.. hmmm I'm nickel allergic ( my Mum too), so have to always check before I bought components if they are nickel free, so I was playing most of time with silver plated, nickel free things to do my pieces.

I was always amazed by beautiful copper pieces I could find on Pinterest or all over the net and some time ago I decided: Time to learn how to make nice wire wrapped copper jewellery.

Fact, I made few copper pairs of earrings, some bracelets or necklaces, but simple stuff, with chains etc. nothing spectacular tho...

Had 2 pairs of them done - both sold.

My bestseller :) 5 pairs made - 4 sold so far.

One of my few chain/dangly bracelets - also sold.

Rather minimalistic necklace - went to Lithuania :)

My goal is: one day make something like this:

Found this on pinterest :) Beautiful isn't it?

So... at the front of me lots of searching for info, tutorials, books, magazines :) 

I know Pinterest and YouTube are good places for searches, but maybe you can suggest me some good book or nice tutorial for wire wrapping newbie?

I'll be writing here about what I found out, showing my tries etc.. Hope you'll be with me during this long process of learning :)