Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Stones, beads...

Supermoon! Huge excitement around the world :) I tried to take good photo for 2 night in row, unfortunately one of them was very cloudy and yesterday I realized my phone and my camera are not good enough for taking professional looking night photos.

Pic taken with my phone :)

I'm still bit lazy with wire wrapping, hmmm maybe I just don't have stones or beads which give me this: 'wow! this one will look great like that!' factor, if you know what I'm trying to say here.

Sometime ago I found rather rough piece of amethyst in kind of arrow shape and was thinking very hard how to wrapped it to make pendant. Result of this below:

I think I like working with stones more then with beads. Possibly because their irregularity pushing me to think, how to reach result I want. 

This stone I found on the local beach during Summer, I like it cause is in the same time smooth and bit rough, and seems to contain two different 'rocks/minerals' in it.

Here little heart with amethyst beads I made yesterday. I think I'm good with making heart shaped pendants :)

I have really hard thinking about gifts for my Sneaky Santa partner - working on something special, hope that will be nice surprise...

Till next post friends!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Where's my crafty mojo??


I'm not writing much lately... also not making too much jewellery lately...

Three weeks past since my last post... fact we have bathroom redecoration in progress, so that taking a bit of my time... Trying to update my CV - need new covering letter etc. Even haven't enough time for proper reading... Time is just flying...

Since last post I made few bits, some even nice looking - some of them catch likes on Instagram from Brasil and Japan :)

So... here's the stuff:

Reddish leaf shaped pendant - Mother of Pearl, I think.

Another blue porcelain bead :)

Mix of soft copper and half-hard silver plated (?) wire - I bought this wires ages ago and I think it is silver-plated. Bead added is amethyst.

More mixing :) Glass beads here.

Beads as above - swirls on silver-plated chain - bracelet

Little weaved swirl with seed beads and bicone bead.

Another wire mix with amethyst - not perfectly heart shaped :)

Hope my wire weaving mojo will back soon and I'll try something new :) That's all for today friend! Till next post!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Wires and seed beads

Few days ago I was sitting with needle, thread and seed beads and making bracelet replacement...
I was thinking about making another wrapping bracelet, but did nothing with it...

Next day I decided, will do new bracelet in orange and turquoise and add one of copper charms I still have. But in some point of stringing seed beads I stopped with new thought: 'What if I make seed beads necklace with wire weaved pendant?'
That was very tempting :)

So I stopped what I was doing and took wire as you see :)

Then started weaving and adding seed beads :)

Finished pendant looked ok for me so I placed it on seed bead necklace and result you can see below :)

Tribal? Native? Definitely with positive vibes :) Do you agree?

Later I made two more pendants with seed beads, but possibly I'll put them on suede cord.

Orange and turquoise again :)

And yellow/green with Preciosa seed beads :)

Hope you like them as much as I do :) That all for today peeps! 
Have a great day!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lazy Tobisia :)

Gee looks like I have long breaks between my posts, bad, bad girl me....

Feel very lazy lately and is really hard to see me crafting...

Fact I made few cards lately... customer order from France - Christmas cards with fairies.

Fact I added earrings to one of my bracelets - customer asked for it before purchase.

I spent bit of time with wires and even made few nice pieces :) Sorry for pics tho, but sometimes is really hard to take good photo of jewellery.

Asymmetrical with amethyst

Another bit asymmertical piece with amethyst

Heart shaped pendant with amethyst - already listed for sale in my etsy shop:https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/464794408/copper-necklacependant-heart?ref=shop_home_active_3

I hope my inspiration mode will back soon and I'll make few more pieces to show you :)

That's all for today friends! Till next post :)

Saturday, 10 September 2016

September... times flies!

OMG! How it is possible that I didn't write for soooo long?

Fact, my 4yo boy starts big boys school, so lots of preparing...

Fact, I needed more wire, bought it and received it yesterday :)

Fact, I'm bit nervous about cardmaking competition I send my cards on - right, if I didn't mention this in here, I'm also making greeting cards :) Some of them you can find on my other blog: http://tobisiasworld.blogspot.co.uk/.

Because I was bit short of wire I didn't make much lately, but that not means I did nothing :)

Little pendant with turquoise blue bead

Crazy swirls with glass bead (green-purple)

Meanwhile I was making Christmas cards - customer order, and pair of chainmaille earrings with owls to match wrapping bracelet I had for sale in my etsy shop - cards and completed set already sold :)

Yesterday I received my new wire and made this pendant:

I used amethyst beads I found ages ago in charity shop (I checked them in jeweller shop and beads were confirmed to be proper amethyst ). 

I really like wireweaving, cause this technique giving me a chance to experiment and pieces I'm making can be small or big, round or not, with lots of swirls or just few and I can change my mind in any moment regards final look of piece I'm making. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

More wireweaving :)

Gosh, I didn't write for over a week here.... Bad girl me :)

But how to write when your son have little accident and you have to take him to hospital, then you have bad back plus you have long Bank Holiday weekend with Tall Ships Regatta??? Happy I had time to cook :)

At the moment - Dom is OK, my back is still soar and Tall Ships Regatta event is finished ( wants to know more about event, check: http://tobisiasworld.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/tall-ships-regatta-2016-blyth.html ).

I was practicing my wireweaving until I had wire :) Have to buy more :) Again :)

Results of my playing with wires, beads and my kind of imagination below:

I used here leaf shaped pendant stone I bought ages ago from BeadsDirect :)

Deep red, oval, acrylic bead - was really hard to take a photo to show its colour :)

Turquoise/blue porcelain bead - I'm very pleased how this one turns out :)

Hope you like them :) 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Half-hard or soft wire?

Good question :)

From my practicing I can say: half-hard for learning and later on for frames, soft for trying, experimenting and enjoying of making beautiful pieces :)


Last week I bought soft wire, but when waiting for it, I was still playing with the rest of half-hard I had.


Single green-purple bead in triangle shaped frame - pendant

Free-form green-purple earrings

Triangle shaped pendant with 2 green-purple beads.

Yesterday I received my wire and almost straight away I took it in my hands to make something. What do you think about pendants I made so far?

Swirly with creamy glass pearl

Blue crackle beads and porcelain grey bead combo

Light pink beach stone

Purple marbled glass bead and purple glass bead combo.

Pendants are not massive, just around 2.5 cm - the smallest and about 4 cm the biggest, but that's good size for start I think :)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Latest make

I'm bad... honestly... Didn't write here since week... but also didn't make much jewellery wise..

I was more concentrated on card making lately - competition and believe it or not - Christmas coming :).

Hope my new cards will make better impression on competition jury then last year :)

I bought extra ear wires and some chain last week, but decided that chain will be good for bracelets and big, heavy looking pendants. It's really hard to find chain I used earlier... from some strange reason all delicate chains (eg. rolo 1.5 x 2 mm) are in silver, gold and bronze tone. Hmmm what with copper?! Maybe I should place my already made pendants on ribbons or suede cord... Need to think about it.

Yesterday I had bit clearer head and little bit of time before our next trip with little one and I decided to play with greek key design I saw ages ago in one of books.

Bracelet turns out nice - bit too big for me, but.... I have small wrist :) and I'm not making stuff only for myself :).
Hope this week I'll find some time for making something new again :)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Practicing, practicing :)

Practice makes perfect - people says... True!

So I'm trying my best to practicing as much as it's possible :)

Wire weaving is not easy, specially when wire don't want cooperate...

Copper is very easy to deal with, doesn't matter soft or half-hard, brass wire is totally different story... I have 0.6 mm half-hard - for sure not good for weaving, but ok for some kinds of framing if I can called it that way :). Not easy for making coils, but when you make coil - keeps shape perfectly :).

Copper and brass with green marbled glass bead - pendant

Purple marbled beads in copper/brass hearts :) You can find them here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/457042228/purple-heart-set-wirewrapped-heart-set?ref=shop_home_active_1

Single blue seed bead and swirls - pendant - made today morning :)

Really need more chain or suede for my pendants and more ear wires :) So many ideas is still sitting in my head :) Sorry if I'm not grammatical ;)

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Geometry and... sweeteaters :)

Hmmm... geometry is inspirational for jewellery making people, that's what I'm sure of, cause even if I don't like maths - squares, triangles and circles are used in every piece I saw or made by myself :)

Even with limited time I'm trying to play with wires and practicing geometric shapes is good fun, cause you never know with what you really finish :)

Diamond like shape pendant with orange-red marbled glass bead

Crazy triangle shaped pendant with green-bluish glass beads dangles

'Square snail' set with green glass pearl:)

Plus some deserts somewhere between my 'wire playing' moments :)

Coconut and peach trifle with lots of choco drops :)

Choco cake with plums and redcurrants and chocolate topping :)

Our little family is totally addicted with chocolate :) Any kind :)

Friday, 29 July 2016

Playing with shapes - leaves.

Cannot say I had lots of time to play with wires...

My little boy caught tummy bug - poor soul... He's fine now :)

Honestly - I'm totally addicted with blue colour :)

I think on Monday or Tuesday I was sitting during the evening and playing with leaf like shapes.

Elegant, simple, but I prefer this one when hammered.

Irregular with lots of blue seed beads - 'Raindrops' :)

Just little leaf :)

Today, when my two guys played with each other I had a bit of time for myself. I decided to practice wire weaving again. 
Result below:

Blue seed beads again :)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Not only hearts :)

I should write this post yesterday - that was my plan... but upset tummy of my little one was much more important. At the moment I should be in bed to add extra few hours sleep to not look like a zombie, but I'm trying to be sure my son is definitely ok.

During the week I was catching minutes to play with wires. Also bought 0.4 mm soft wire to practice wire weaving :).

I was in mood for hearts as you can see :)

Copper looks really good with these cute marbled red beads :)

More red :)

Little heart pendant.

Blue, hammered leaf.

Free form pendant - wire weaving :) plus some seed beads :)